Acoustic Guitars are our passion

In the early 1970’s I purchased my first acoustic guitar, I was 8 years old.  It was from a local variety store called Treasure Island.  I actually went there one day for a little green turtle in a clear plastic dish complete with a mini palm tree. Somehow I got distracted on the way by their wonderful acoustic guitar selection, (I think they had 5 or 6), so the turtle had to wait. Since I could afford this guitar it wasn’t very expensive or high-end, but it was just enough to get me started. The aroma of the wood was so unique and pleasant, practicing and playing that gem was the best.  It even came with an 8 page booklet on how to master the guitar. Boy, was I naive! It turned out to be a very exciting experience and introduced me to acoustic guitars, although it broke & fell apart within a year.

Now some 40 years later, to own a fine handcrafted acoustic guitar, play it and admire the beautiful tone and aroma of master grade tonewoods is one of life’s greatest joys. To put your fingers to the strings and hear and feel the rich, lush, warm tones that resonate from within brings a sense of contentment that is … well, almost indescribable.

When I add another exceptional acoustic guitar to the showroom, I can’t help but wonder who the new owner will be, where the guitar will end up and what kind of story it will have over it’s lifetime.

Redwood Acoustics

Offerings include the world’s very best guitar builders – all in the USA  – to create handmade custom acoustic guitars for our very specialized clientele – the discerning acoustic guitar player.

Clients who purchased guitars from Redwood Acoustics have mentioned that these are some of the reasons they choose the shop and will come back for more:

  • they wanted the best acoustic tone and quality available all in one shop
  • truly enjoyed the fine handmade craftsmanship built into the best acoustic guitars here in our shop
  • liked being treated with patience and professionalism in selecting their perfect guitar
  • appreciated that the focus was on their wants, needs, desires and their personal preferences
  • that the custom order experience and knowledge was the best they have ever had.
  • found our shop to be a hobbyist & collectors ultimate acoustic quest
  • were amazed at our superior customer service & in-depth knowledge
  • very easy to deal with and readily available
  • and the biggest yet: guitar folks looking for the most fun, an amazing selection of tonally superior guitars and a wonderful experience in every aspect of acoustic guitars

The guitars are high-end and the shop is comfortable and fun. Give me a call and introduce yourself, I look forward to meeting you!

Please feel free to schedule an appointment for the showroom, have an enjoyable acoustic guitar experience and select a guitar or two for yourself. I’ll make sure you select the right one for your playing style with all the magnificent rich tone that you desire. Scheduling a private appointment time is very easy, just phone me. The coffee is always ready.

Thank you,

Tom Dircks – Shop Owner   262-439-8393

Invest in your passion.  Invest in a lifetime of enjoyment.  Invest in a fine handcrafted custom acoustic guitar.