Your Acoustic Experience Feedback

Please let us know how you liked your acoustic guitar buying experience. We strive to make sure that not only our guitars are the best in the business, but also our customer service and attention to customer detail. Your feedback is valuable in letting us know what we did right, where we are unique, what was special about our guitars and if there is anything we can do to better serve our customers.

Thank you for taking some time for this feedback our customers and we appreciate it very much!

Tom Dircks – Shop Owner

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Tyler E

I don’t usually write reviews, but this is the place to go if you want an exceptional guitar and personalized service. I visited Redwood Acoustics almost three weeks ago and purchased a Santa Cruz dreadnought. The shop is full of gorgeous guitars that sound incredible…there’s nothing quite like that experience.

I spent a little over an hour trying out several guitars. I really appreciated being able to schedule an individual appointment. Tom listened to what I was looking for in a guitar, was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and made sure I got the dreadnought I was looking for. He was especially great at recommending and describing the wood combinations and their tones. Ultimately, I have a guitar that I can’t put down. I will be a definite repeat customer.

Erich R

I had an excellent experience with Redwood Acoustics. Noting several years ago that Tom Dircks took care to order beautiful top-line custom guitars per his website, I chose him to help me design and order my guitar. My Santa Cruz Guitar Company ‘H’ model arrived yesterday. When opening the case, it took my breath away and exceeded my expectations.

If you are in the market for a quality heirloom, give Tom a call – now!

New Jersey


I had read that you were great at what you do. That you really listen to your clients needs and spend time understanding their needs. I think you do more than that, your attention to listening to what I wanted and coming up with the perfect answer made buying my guitar a pleasant experience.

I look forward to playing my Collings OOO for years to come.
Thank you,


Wow! Just received an OM from Tom at Redwood Acoustics and I am blown away by it’s sound. Like a master chef, who knows precisely what ingredients are required to make an incredible dish, Tom knows the woods & appointments to create a guitar with incredible MOJO! Thanks to Tom’s expert knowledge and very articulate descriptions of tonal qualities, I now have two guitars from Redwood Acoustics both have incredible MOJO.

You can trust Tom to recommend a guitar or two that he has in stock or work together to custom order it exactly how you want it. Tom is unsurpassed in his knowledge of wood combinations and the ability to accurately describe their tonal qualities.

As always, the guitar was expertly packed and arrived exactly when promised. Give Tom a call and let him help you find your guitar with MOJO. He gets it done right!


I’ve bought two guitars from Tom, awesome guitars and service, look forward to buying more from him thanks

New Jersey

My long “Tone Quest” for my dream guitar just came to a happy conclusion thanks to Tom Dircks – I’m absolutely ecstatic about the magnificent Collings OM3 short scale German/Cocobolo acoustic I received. The finest fretted instrument I’ve ever seen and critically important – the tone is exactly what I was looking for and then some, following several months of auditioning many guitars.

Tom was a pleasure to work with throughout the process, as I had several phone discussions and email exchanges since October. With his knowledge and fantastic inventory of short scale guitars, he had several combinations I wanted to try side by side, so I originally considered a trip to WI. Flight schedules and lack of time made that too cumbersome, so I went with a leap of faith – acquiring a guitar amongst several choices without doing my own “shoot-out”.

Tom was fantastic – he listened carefully to my detailed notes/likes/dislikes on all the guitars I auditioned in my quest. He narrowed the field to the Cocobolo and one other possibility. He did his own side by side tone comparison and also vs an OM1 that is spec’d exactly the same as my current Collings. He articulated the tonal qualities quite well, and following further discussion and questions on my end, we made the selection. His description of the attributes of this guitar were spot on, and the tone has just blown me away!

Tom was nice enough to go to the store on a day with heavy snow and poor road conditions, package and ship it overnight to get it into my hands quickly, carefully watching the airport conditions to make sure it would get out. He’s been following up as well, even though he’s among family for the holidays.

I heartily recommend working with Tom to find the guitar you’ve been looking for – if he doesn’t already have it, I’m sure he can custom build what your quest is looking to achieve. I can’t get over how he nailed what I wanted so well, after being disappointed several times in playing guitars that had the specs I was looking for, but lacked the “magic”. I now know by experience what Tom means by his ability to “dial in” tones with his experience and great working relationship with Collings, Santa Cruz, etc. This was a First Class experience all the way, start to finish. I’m an ecstatic customer – THANKS Tom!

Robert T

Another phenomenal Collings from Tom! I can’t recommend him highly enough. There really is no reason to look anywhere else for a custom instrument. Thanks, Tom!


I received my first OM from Tom at Redwood Acoustics and it’s a keeper. I commend Tom for his outstanding assistance and helping me to make my purchase.

REDWOOD ACOUSTICS is outstanding and highly recommended.


Just received my new Collings OM today. Oh man, does it sound nice and it’s only going to get better. Thank you Tom for the great service and wonderful guitar.

John G

I just recieved a custom ordered Collings OM1 with German Spruce top, short scale and custom appointments including koa bindings. It’s a great guitar that came out just the way I was hoping! The German spuce with mahogany is a great combo. Thanks Tom for a great guitar and custom order experience.

Warren B
New Jersey

Still enjoying the Collings D2HA – Varnish I bought from Tom. Hope you are well!


Tom was great. The experience was pain-free and fun. He described a used piece as having exactly two small surface scratches. When I got the guitar, that was honest and accurate. Buying a used instrument out of town and from a new dealer can be nerve wrecking. This was a great purchase at a fair price. Tom communicates well and knows his product(s) well. I will definitely give him business in the future.

Also, he provided some cool goodies in the case to sweeten the deal.



I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this website recently after deciding to finally pull the trigger on a Collings.

The service I received was excellent in every way. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I had a good idea of what I was looking for and found it among Tom’s superb collection of custom acoustics.

Those who may hesitate before purchasing a guitar like this sight-unseen needn’t be concerned. The service is as outstanding as the instruments.

I would encourage anyone seeking that special acoustic to check out the amazing selection at Redwood Acoustics before looking anywhere else.

You won’t regret it.

New Jersey

I'm back for a 2nd guitar from Tom and just as ecstatic as the first one! After several shoot-outs, the guitar I was set on getting was a Collings D3G, as I wanted a Dread to complement my OM3G Cocobolo, although with one concern - playability due to past shoulder injuries. Tom suggested I consider an SJ, as a favorite of his, with a body shape that is more comfortable than a dread and with a tone he thought I'd love, as he's very familiar with my taste.

SJ's are nowhere to be found in my area and I couldn't swing a trip to Redwood, so Tom did the next best thing - he shipped me both a D3G and an SJ3G so I could perform my at-home side-by-side test! Same wood combo, the string spacing I prefer (1 3/4" nut & 2 1/4" bridge - the Tom Dircks special), this was the perfect comparison to make. It was a quick decision - the SJ3G was the winner, exactly as Tom described - more comfortable and a wonderfully smooth and balanced tone. It took just a few strums and I was floored.

Tom was once again fantastic to work with throughout, as we had been discussing my quest for a few months. He knew I'd love the SJ but also appreciated the need for me to make the comparison with my own hands and ears. The in-home test was a brilliant way to do this and he made it easy by taking care of the shipping details and labels and sharing the shipping cost of the D3G I sent back, which by the way is a killer dread!

Thanks again Tom - you are a pleasure to work with, you have exquisite taste in configuring guitars and you have a knack for understanding what your customers want. You were just as excited as I was when I made the connection with my new SJ3G!